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Temporary Residence

Home is where the art is with “The Apartment Exhibition”

[Installation shot of the living room of "The Apartment Exhibition." All photos by Laura Evans.]

[Installation shot of the living room of “The Apartment Exhibition.” All photos by Laura Evans.]

Five local creative types are putting space to good use. Curated by Staci Bu Shea, “The Apartment Exhibition” features individual and collaborative work by Thony Aiuppy, Sterling Cox, Lily Kuonen and Edison William. Located in Cox’s 500 square foot, mother-in-law apartment behind his Avondale home, “The Apartment Exhibition” features over 30 pieces that touch on concepts of cohabitation, tenancy and ownership as well as deeper, provocative ideas such as nostalgia, impermanence and belonging. Continue reading

The Plague of Memory

Edison William combines reverie with photographic skills into his own personal blend of “photostration”

(“Wrong Vacation Bill”)

Edison William layers memories and dreams into evocative images of impossible landscapes. While the 29 year old artist Jacksonville-based almost cringes at being categorized as a photographer, William chooses to work solely in film (and in his case the almost-cloistered medium of color slide film) while also pushing the technology to its near breaking point in his approach to color processing, chemical treatments and extreme saturation. William’s work resembles a sort of travelogue for sleepwalkers, blending hallucinatory scenes of nature where clouds dot the earth and trees hang down from the sky, a counter clock realm with humans reduced to a phantom-like phenomenon, while horizons bend like frowns and our perceptions can no longer be trusted. His work has been featured on posters and releases for local indie bands Opiate Eyes and Personal Boy, while William (born Bill McGee) is also a musician and sonic collaborator with members of the aforementioned groups. Continue reading