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Southlight Gallery presents the inventive work of three young artists on the rise

In the past decade, the local arts community has certainly participated in the greater global trend of artists blurring the lines between various media. While a term like “interdisciplinary” can sound clinical or even militaristic, the fact of the matter is that younger artists are increasingly surrendering to several styles, materials and techniques to create singular works of art. It is a trend that is probably based on inevitably more than fashion, honoring the very personal and even ephemeral nature of what we consider to be visual arts.

Southlight Gallery is documenting this phenomenon at the local level with their current exhibit “Mixed Messages: Selected Photographic Works and Prints by EV Krebs, Austin Moule, and Eileen Walsh.” The show is curated by acclaimed photographer Paul Karabinis, who is currently the Associate Professor of Photography at the University of North Florida.

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